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Remedium NG is the first online Psychotherapy clinic in Nigeria
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Virtual Therapy
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All-day. All-night.  Always.


What We Do

Remedium is Nigeria's pioneer teletherapy platform. We are leading the drive for a healthy and renewed nation by expanding access to psychotherapy and wellbeing services.

Driven by accessibility, speed, and quality of care, our Remedium NG platform is optimized to provide help when needed most. With online counselling and therapy sessions delivered via medium that come at no extra cost to those who need help (because cost in itself would have excluded some people who need us immediately), our services are super easy to access.


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Via phone laptop or social media, engage us to start that important conversation. We are here to help.

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Choose from our growing list of diverse, experienced and friendly Therapists. You can review their backgrounds and identity to select your preferred 'talk partner'.

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Schedule a live video, audio or chat session with your choice therapist. Choose a time that's convenient for you, and you will find an available expert all day, all night, always.

How it works- 5 easy steps to wellness

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Make payment on the web with our PCI Level 1 compliant and safe web payment system. You can also elect to pay via USSD or bank transfers.

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Either via toll-free, unhindered and unlimited telephone calls, online video calls or chats, our therapists are like non-judging friends, always there and ready to listen.

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