How To Maintain Work-Life Balance At Home

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Working from home carries with it it’s set of benefits but also challenges. On the one hand, there is flexibility and comfort in being able to get your work done at the house. For people who often dread their commute to the office, you welcome the fact that you don’t have to stress over your morning commute.

Now, on the other hand, working from home can prove to be a challenge. Since a majority of people have to work remotely, there is the temptation to feel as though you have to be on all of the time. The line between work and home becomes very thin. Also, if you’re a parent caring for very young children, you might be having difficulties focusing on both priorities.

Having a good form of work-life balance is key to mental wellness. We have to strive to maintain some form of balance so that the work at home does not spill over into regular life. Here is how to maintain some form of balance.

Have A Dedicated Setting for Work At Home

It’s good for you to set up a space for your working at home. That way you don’t get easily frazzled with trying to manage regular home activities.

You know that when your regular workday starts, you can go to a certain area in your house and focus. Then, when the work hour concludes, you can go back to regular activities with the home and make ample time for yourself.

Unplug After Normal Work Hours

Working remotely does not mean working 24/7. What are your working hours? For a majority of people, it’s an eight-hour workday.

Therefore, you should still keep it that way. You know that from that time of the 9-5, you have to take care of business. Then, after that, make time for yourself and your family.

You have to ensure that you unplug after the eight-hour workday. You shouldn’t continue to obsess over emails or data late into the night. You need to unplug and get some rest.

Communicate What You’re Comfortable with Colleagues and Family

In order to make sure that you have a normal work-life balance, make sure that the people around you know what is and is not okay. If your supervisor has been communicating tasks with you late hours in the night and even weekends, communicate your feelings and concerns. Let them know the other priorities that you have with your family.

Now when it comes to your family, they might demand more of your attention because they are seeing you more often. Let them know when you have to focus your attention on work. Give them a timeframe so they know that they can’t disturb and interrupt your workflow.

Spend Some Time Outside of the House

You can continue to practice safe practices such as social distancing while taking breaks outside of your home.

We might be living in uncertain times but as lockdown restrictions lessen, you are allowed to step outside of the house. It’s good for you to take little breaks even if it just means that you go for a walk around the neighbourhood. This will help you to get some fresh air and also peace of mind from the usual hassles of the day.

Practice Good Sleeping Hours

There is a lot of tension and anxiety that comes due to COVID-19. You might be feeling disturbed by the pressures of the home. You might be wondering about the security of your job. All of these things can affect your sleep. You can find yourself up till 1 am or 2 am just stressing about tomorrow.

Don’t allow yourself to get consumed with your worries and fears that it stops you from a good night’s sleep. Having good rest is what enables you to function at your best for your work and also your family. You have to make sure that you allow yourself to get adequate sleep.

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