Remedium helps employers develop and maintain a mentally healthy and productive workforce. Our workplace wellness initiatives help organizations achieve maximum effectiveness from their workforce. We work with private companies, start-ups, schools,

non-profits and government institutions to help their employees figure out where, how, and when they do their best work.

Wellness Consulting

We provide workforce psychosocial interventions like workforce wellbeing questionnaire to provide a snapshot of the organization's wellbeing at particular points, group/personal therapy sessions, remote/in-person counselling, work-life balance advisory 

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HR Advisory & Outsourcing

For lean companies, we take the headache off you, and let you focus on the core of your business. Leave issues like payroll, compliance, employee performance management, workplace culture and inclusion/diversity to us. Just focus on the bottom line, until you are able to take it on. 

Playshops, Staff Retreats & Wellness Clubs

Our Playshops do not just help with stress relief and team bonding.  We help people perform optimally by working smarter, staying happier, living healthier and ultimately realizing their dreams. Our proprietary and well researched play session is a sure way to improve overall performance- the wellness of your organization is the sum total of all employees' well-being.